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    Gold Severum (Heros efasciatus)


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    Good job Lupin. Although from my own experience and from others I've seen, the golds usually don't get as large as their green counterparts.

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    I got mine a few weeks ago and he's being a bit fussy about eating. I've tried brine shrimp, blanched carrots, NLS, and Hikari Cichlid Gold so far. Any suggestions or similar experiences?

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    Yea. Definatly try blood worms. Frozen.
    x2: Red Head Severums, 5"
    x1: Geophagus Brasiliensis, 3",
    x1: L-190 4.5"
    x1: L-14, 3"
    x1: L-18, 3.5"
    x6: L-66, 2.75"-3.25"

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    I absolutely love sevs, and have a few of them scattered throughout a whole bunch of my tanks. I am slightly concerned about the diet of my oldest pair of sevs (I bought them from a guy who was selling them off - he fed them a wide variety of pelleted foods). They're about 7-8" each, big guys, but have basically... always refused all sorts of the lettuce, squash, zucchini, peas, bloodworms, and sometimes shrimp that I put in there. Could it be that they're just not used to it? I've been trying for months now.
    I'm afraid they might not be getting a nice balanced diet because of it. The only vegetation that they regularly will eat is java moss, which I eagerly supply from one of my other tanks. Other aquatic plants are eaten vigorously too, so they DO want it, but I can't afford to keep giving them plants since I really don't have any.

    Any suggestions for tempting them some more? I've never seen picky sevs til these guys.

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