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    Quote Originally Posted by excuzzzeme View Post
    I find that to be interesting as I stocked 2 angels in a 20 long for quite sometime with no issues including breeding. I also had housed them in a 20H at one point. I am curious as to your reasoning.

    see above

    Please if you would esplain I would appreciate it.
    I think the height scares some people (20 longs are only 12" tall)...

    I probably wouldn't go smaller than 30 gallons other than for breeding. I've seen angels breed regularly in 10 gallons...
    20 gallon long planted
    My carnivorous plants

    Quote Originally Posted by Rbishop View Post
    I like the movie Goonies...pretty sure it was a historical documentary....

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    Hello - (first post!) - I have a 20 Tall with 3 zebra danios in it right now (fishy cycle underway). It is my first tank. I still have no nitrite levels (3+ weeks in, keeping ammonia ppm low with frequent gravel vac and water changes) so I have a while.

    You have no 20-talls listed with zebra danios so I'm looking for a bit of advice. Would a dwarf gourami, 7 danios, and 6 pygmy cories be ok? I heard I might have trouble finding the pygmies in a store... I have an AquaClear 30 HOB running.

    Here is a pic of my tank...I need to feel the substrate to see how sharp it is regarding the cories...are there changes I need to make to the plastic plants / decor for happy fish?

    Thank you...

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