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    Smile My first ever proper Aquarium

    Even though I love pets - fishes and Dogs - lack of space, not so encouraging parents, nature of employment, etc. had not given me any chance of any serious involvement in raising and maintaining of any pets. After a long time - almost 25 years - I'm having my chance to keep pets.

    I'm building a house and I have designed the dining room (20' x 23') (which is also the connecting area of all rooms) such that a 12' tank (400 - 500 gallons) can be built. There is an area of 20' x 3' in one end of the dining room with a 3' open to sky (covered with glass) roof and single pane windows on either side. The visibility of the aquarium put up here while sitting in the dining table, while cooking (open kitchen), and while going to other rooms will be great allowing all of us to enjoy this fish tank.

    All the equipments like filters, water recyclers, algae busters, CO2 tanks, etc. has made life simpler and easier in maintaining bigger tanks. There are aqua shops in our area which provide maintenance service (AMC) in regular intervals also which has fueled my desire and decision to go for a bigger tank.

    Based on the inputs from websites, a handful of Aqua Shops, and some friend's I have zeroed in on the following for my tank. I'm looking for comments, ideas, suggestions from forum members and I'm open to any ideas.

    Tank: Size:
    12' * 2.5' *2' – 450 Gallons. 12mm float glass, CNC machine polished, with bracing on the bottom and top and black background. Bottom in 19mm glass.

    Eheim (Germany) Classic 2217 Canister filter with 2-yr warranty. * 3 nos.
    Combo pack with special filtration media and accessories worth 2500 = 3 nos

    CO2 Injection: Optional:
    Pressurized CO2 injection with multiple reactors and on a solenoid.
    Consists of CO2 cylinder, regulators, needle valves, non-return valves and reactors.

    5' HangOn Tank Imported lighting with T5HO tubes = 2 nos.


    Metal Halide lighting with suspended independent pendants = 5 nos

    Planted tank substrate, fertilizer base. African Mopani Driftwood – about 20 kgs, rocks and pebbles.

    A mix of stems, cryptocorynes, anubias, ferns, lilaeopsis echinodorus sp. and lillies

    Cardinal Tetras x 100 nos
    Rummynose Tetras x 100 nos
    Congo Tetras x 20 nos
    Fancy Algae Eaters x 30 nos
    In addition to the above
    4" size Discus of assorted strains x 10 nos.

    Waiting for comments, suggestions, and ideas.

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    Welcome to AC! You might want to copy your post and start a thread in the FW DIY Forum or even GFW where more folks will see it and offer comments. And of course, pics of the build will always be appreciated!

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    WOAH, that's darn ambitious. I wish you luck, my friend!
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    Welcome to AC.

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