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    DIY food recipe-discussion thread

    Please experiences or discussion about the DIY food article in this thread. The recipe can be found at this link:

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    Some Pics of the Food!

    Some of you may of seen my DIY food recipe in the DIY section...Well I thought I was needing to make more but I went down to the freezer in the garage and found two more large bags of this stuff that I forgot about. I decided to get the camera out and take some pics....Here is what I have.......

    The food processor bag with the individual bags, I have two of these left approx. 20 lbs of food.

    Here is the individual bags these are quart size bags filled about half way...about 2 lbs of food each.

    Here it is out of the bag you can see the peas, shrimp and other meat chunks.

    Here is a small chunk cut up and ready to feed....mmmm

    Anyway just thought i would share the pics with everyone, check my sig for the DIY food link!

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