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    Anemone Photo Dicussion Thread

    Anemone photo Discussion thread.

    Your place for all discussions relating to the Anemone Photo thread.
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    its always Niko's Fault!... Thanks Niko!

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    I wish more folks would post photos of their anemones on here. I'm just now beginning to get fascinated by them! I had no idea some of them were so pretty!

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    this forum is very limited i wish it would pick back up again, and i fear that maybe that stupid *** thread about the zoas in the other section mightve turned one of our sections highest members away from this site.
    Quote Originally Posted by Robert04 View Post
    These are some corals I got awhile ago, They were listed as "Gonorias" if anyone want's to give a scientific name that would be nice

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    I'm finding the new anemone (puple tip) a bit of a mystery. It's been in the tank for about a month, working out well although I've been warned it is difficult to care for. It's clown brings it just about anything it is eating only to snatch it away again before the anemone can close on it - unless it is raw fish/shrimp. That, the anemone will grab and consume immediately. Anyway, all seems well but now, this morning, it looks like the photo I've attached here. Not sure what I am looking at and not sure if he's having trouble. To describe (it's a cheap camera photo) it looks like it's upside down, mostly constricted down to a pretty small size, with no sign of lesions or the like. Either that or I'm looking at an extremely protruded and puckered shut mouth. Splitting?

    Supporting info: simple nanocube setup with 50/50's, the anemone established itself in a nook between the live rocks, it lives with a domino and a clown as well as some blue leg crabs and a variety of small snails. That's it, very basic tank at this point.

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    Tis a Sebae Anem. Pretty cool anemone and he's pooping

    This is my nem healing center after they have been cut

    Yay make more
    Collector of the rare and weird. Still don't have a Sand Worm yet =)

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