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    November 2008 International Raffle

    Exclusively Through:

    November 2008 International Raffle

    Sponsored By :

    Marc Weiss Companies, Inc.

    Prize to be awarded:


    All AC members and Staff (including international) with post counts of 300 and higher are welcome to join this raffle event.

    The Raffle will run from Monday, 1:00PM EST November 24, 2008 till all 46 Slots are taken.

    The MEGA BALL number from Friday November 28, 2008 will be used to determine the winner.



    Participating members and staff must attain 300 posts or higher to be qualified.


    • We will ship the prize worldwide.

    • Aquariacentral and any affiliated Aquariacentral sponsor(s) reserve the rights to deny or reject any participant. Only one number per member, no member is allowed to attempt registering under more than one member name/identity on Aquariacentral.

    • In the case of Damage or Lost in the mail of a complimentary (free) raffle, there will not be a replacement prize.

    • By entering this raffle, you are confirming and agree to have done in full - completely and comprehensively reviewed the terms/rules that apply and you have complied to hold no liability to either Aquariacentral or any of affiliated Aquariacentral sponsor(s) in violation of any State and/or Local law(s) in your Country/State (and/or within that Country/State).

    • Members on "Probation" status or any member who registers under more than one name might not/will not be qualified to enter our Aquariacentral raffle(s). Members who have (previously) offended one or more terms/rules of our Aquariacentral raffle may be restricted in partaking this and/or any future raffles, contests and community events bestowed or sponsored by Aquariacentral.

    • Certain au courant raffle rules may be voided in different/separate raffles. Details and Guidelines are subject to change without advanced notice.
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