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Thread: Where's Nemo?

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    Where's Nemo?

    I decided to get a hippo tang yesterday, it was tiny, about an inch long, and 30 bucks. not the best color not in what I would call the best condition, but this was the dominant one in the lot.

    So I acclimated for about an hour just before nightfall, lights out, but dusk shining through the window.

    When I released him, he just went to the upper corner and stayed there. Fine, good night little Barney. This morning I could not find him. After lights on for about an hour, he was haning out on the powerhead. Periodically nipping at his reflection.

    Dumped a little cyclopeze in and no interest in it. About an hour later Lucy came over to investigate, and I have some video below

    So now a half day into his new tank (my 55 about a year setup) he is eating hair algae at moments, and picking at the rockwork. He is is skinny but not sickly so to speak. Hard to tell when looking at em in a fish store tank.

    I'm almost sure he will develope ich, as a couple of his littermates looked like they might be getting it. My tank has been ich free for about a half year since the last go round. If the clowns get ich, oh well, no big, but I felt it better to get the little tang into a stable established environment vs a qt.

    Here's the vid:
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    Too bad they don't stay that little.
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    Cool video clip..thanks...
    Quote Originally Posted by neoprodigy View Post
    its always Niko's Fault!... Thanks Niko!

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    Wheres Nemo

    I was wondering this too. Dont tell me its gone again after all the whining I did to get it back

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    I had a regal blue and he died. He just went into the rockwork and never came out to eat or anything

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    nice is the little guy doin???
    i like ur rockscape...can u pls upload pics of your tank??? thanks!

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