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    Product Review: Rena Filstar I1 Mini

    Filstar I1 Mini
    Link to product description istory=&strKeywords=&SearchFor=&PT_ID=236

    Price range

    VERY powerful filtration and is very compact, making it good for small tanks. Easy to take apart and clean. Cotains a compartment for a "Rena crystal" or chemical filtration of your choice.
    I have found that the suckers that hold it to the glass aren't very good. Clogs easily if there is a lot of suspended particles. Cannot be kept to close to the surface or it fills up with air and the tank becomes a mass of bubbles.
    Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best)

    How long have you used the product?
    5 Months approx.
    Build quality and value for your money.
    Build qualty is good and it is very difficult for anything to go wrong with it. Great value for money.

    Other comments
    This filter comes with many small aquariums that have rena products included.
    I have used the propeller when i made my own external filter and as a co2 diffuser and it is fine through whattever it is put through. Very good filter for smaler tanks; I would deffinately recommend it, although one may need to find ther own suckers as the ones included arent great.

    Thanks for reading!
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    How silently does the filter run? Do you have to put your ear up to it to hear it through the glass? Or can you hear it from a distance?

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