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    Product Review: Azoo Model 1200 Powerhead



    Link to product description

    Price range

    Great output, quiet, and versatile. It comes with 2 adapters; one for making it a circulation pump and one for connecting to UGF or sponge filter.

    Suction cups are small and come loose easily.

    Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best)

    How long have you used the product?
    Over a year

    Build quality and value for your money.
    Comparable to Maxi-jet 1200 for half the price. No frills in comparison, but works just as good.

    Other comments
    317 gph vs MJ1200 295 gph. It's great combined with Oxygen Plus Bio-Filter 8.
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    4300 Gallon Tank Build
    Permadri Rubber Coat available through me.

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