Company: Penn-Plax

Model:1500 Canister

Link to product description:

Price range: series=(500 700 1000 1200 1500) $99 -$240

Pros: Quick push-button prime,ultra quiet operation assuring great flow rate.includes filter media and tubing easy assemble. quick shutoff valves for cleaning, large trays for all types of media.Comes with two different out puts, a spray bar or a jet.

Cons: I have heard a few things about how the product has a grinding noise,i never experienced that. and the (gph) ratio wasn't exactly right I have had a small leak tho,i come to find out that i had a small pebble stuck in the unit that clamps down on the canister.

Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best) *****

How long have you used the product? I have had this canister for a few years and i love it,i run it on a 75g (283L) tank and its crystal clear as it was on the first day i installed it.very cool color(almost see-threw blue)

Build quality and value for your money.I say for starters, its a good price and a reliable canister. very durable with large clamps for a secure seal and a strong handle for relocating. i also heard that if there is a problem that the customer service dept is simple and easy to deal with for getting what you want.