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Deltec APF 600

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Price range:
$698 USD (currently)

Excellent and time-tested design. Superior needlewheel and pump performance for an optimal air/water ratio per unit of volume of skimmer column. These models are also recirculating, which reduces the total amount of electricity used by eliminating feed pumps if plumbed directly to overflow. The needlewheel pump also uses less electricity by pumping an air/water mixture. The performance, best of all, is very consistent, with stable foam production and great removal rates (though this is variable). The collection cup is also larger than the AP600, which is a plus depending upon the tank.

The materials used are a bit thinner than other comparable skimmers. Price vs. performance ratio is relatively high compared to some newer skimmer models.

Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best):
***** (5)

How long have you used the product?:
For approximately five (5) years

Build quality and value for your money?:
Build quality is good and performance is very high. Similar performance can be had for a bit cheaper with newer skimmers, though.

Other comments:
A great skimmer, excellent quality, etc. The customer service with D-D Solutions in the US is top-notch. It is an expensive skimmer though, but with relatively guaranteed stable performance. If you can find one used for a decent price, I recommend grabbing it immediately.

Be sure to keep the neck on the skimmer cup relatively clean. I recommend using a toothbrush to briefly clean the neck daily. A complete cleaning is only necessary when emptying the cup. Also be sure to use either pure vinegar or a dilute hydrochloric acid solution when cleaning the Aquabee recirculation pump to get the best results.

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