Model Eheim 2215

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Price range
110-130 dollars US
Excellent bio capability , Comes packed with Substrate pro , Bullet proof filter design proven for many years. With the help of my ac110 made the water in my 55 gallon absolutely invisible. The spray bar is a handy tool for tank aeration. Low maintenance (every three months for me )
Low flow (140 GPH with media) The double tap valves have been difficult to me my first time I set it up a double tap leaked a dribble so I had to order another one. I have since learned to lube the 0 ring of this assembly it helps it tremendously.
Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best)
How long have you used the product?
5 months
Build quality and value for your money.
Excellent build quality the only exception being the double taps and that could just be me. Value is a 10 out of 10 this is a great filter
Other comments

I highly recommend the classic series 2213,2215,2217 as a supplemental filter with a aqua clear filter running for mechanical filtration as the Eheim does not seem to flow enough for adequate mechanical filtration. It is a great bio canister and supplemental filter to a hang over the back type filter.