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    Thumbs up Discussion - What are....

    .....your perceptions on tank sizes for surgeonfish?

    Why do you have the perceptions you do?

    Do you base your tank size suggestions based on personal experience or do you take a more generalised approach, based on popular knowledge?

    What effects do you think that placing a large fish, into a small environment, has on the fish's growth and health?
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    its always Niko's Fault!... Thanks Niko!

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    I've only ever owned a Yellow Tang and speaking from experience, I wouldn't put a Yellow Tang in anything less than 100gals. I had mine in a 60gal tank and as she grew, the more aggressive she got. Since I've put her in the 180 gal tank she's been fine.
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    who got me ferret in thur box ??

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    My Blonde Naso is in my 155. I only have 5 fish in the tank,but none of them are full grown. Everyone gets along,and quite happy so far. And I will add no more fish to this setup because of the size of the fish when they are full grown. I have 1 GrayAngel,1 Porkfish,1 Bluechin Trigger,1 Blonde Naso,and 1 Saddle Wrasse.
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