Company Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products

Model 10260, 5-Way Breeder, Multi Purpose

Link to product description

Price range $12 @ LFS

Pros Does have many ways to separate fish and seems to have adequate but not great flow through. Hangers can be bent to fit many different applications.

Cons Trap may be a bit small. The gaps in the baby saver plate where it slides around the slots in the trap are too big. This allowed several fry to slip by and go through the bottom slots to the main tank where they were eaten. I will modify this for future use.

Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best) 2.5-3, Just Average

How long have you used the product? Once, so far.

Build quality and value for your money. OK

Other comments It works for it's intended purpose, just needs a bit of modification.