Company Hagen

Model: Powerhead 20

Link to product description:

Price range: Ebay- 6 dollars with shipping, retails for 25-30 before shiping+tax

Pros: Quiet, powerful, efficient, inconspicuous

Cons: None

Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best) 5 stars

How long have you used the product? 1 year

Build quality and value for your money: High quality build. Casing shows no wear at all, painted writing has not detiorated from pump frame, never any noise produced due to faulty motor or impeller assembly.

Other comments
Very quiet pump that has done many roles in my fish tank.

Before, it simply moved water, as it is designed to do. Now, it pumps water through the many layers of media inside an internal canister filter I built for my fish tank. The flow has been a little retarded due to the media, but still the pump continues to pull through.

My fish tank is in my bedroom. I need silence when i sleep and study. Other powerheads were not able to meet that goal: ViaAqua, Penguin, Maxi-Jet, but Hagen did!
It is silent, like tomb silent.
No noise at all, period. I clean the impeller assembly and service the motor every month or so. Never any trouble; no need for a new impeller.

Buy these pumps online via ebay; they are VASTLY cheaper there!