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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah I removed him yesterday and no smell at all..It appeared as if he was still "trying" to make it. =( He would bubble up and try to move around a little bit so I placed him in a little tank to see exactly what would become of him.. (curious) buut he is out of the 55 gal. annd today no fish dead or anything and other corals seem fine.

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    Glad to hear that nothing else went south. Hopefully he will pull out of it. Good luck.

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    Looks like a Rose Anemone. They do this from time to time. They will close up for days on end and then open back up. The best thing to do is leave it alone. The more you move it the more it will be stressed.

    Also if any water parameter changed they will close up. I would check your Calcium, water hardness, Phosphate levels. Or have your LFS do this for you. Otherwise it doesnt look ill, just wait it out.

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