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    can cross-breeding be stopped

    my situation. 6x2x2 with 8inch female festae, 3inch male dovii, 3inch red devil, 8inch red claw crayfish, 2 6inch barcoo grunters, 2 6inch male convicts, 2 freshwater mullet and a 7inch male texas. the texas is trying to mate with the festae and is going nuts at everyone else. she isnt really responding but his aggression is disrupting an otherwise nice tank. can he be stopped??

    oh yeah, if u think ca/sa cichlids are mean - try some Aussie natives!! I had a 14inch male dovii in a 6x2x2 alone, added a 10inch sooty grunter that had to be pulled out after 20mins cause the dovii was in real trouble!!

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    The way to stop hybrids:

    Species only tanks.

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    when keeping cichlids in community settings and having males with females together you always run the risk of creating pair. many times as in your case it is an "unatural" pair.(if she will allow it) cichlids very rarly if ever breed outside of their species in the wild, but in tank settings are far more likely to do so. you could try taking him out for a few days and reintroducing him. i would suggest a divider but i dont think it would work in your case with the stocking level you have. the only other think i know of is reducing your tank temp. if your temp is up around 80 or so that maybe a reason he is trying to mate with your festae. if so you could slowly reduce the temp 3-4 degree over 3-4 day period. hope this helps

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