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This Months Features:
Maintaining a Beautiful Foreground in the Nature Aquarium
Aquarium Science: Xiphophorus Interspecies Hybrids: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Silurana Clawed Frogs
How Wild Collection May Save Our Reefs
Hardy and Fashionable: The Harlequin Tuskfish
A Look at Invertebrates for the Non-Reef Aquarium
Risky Damsels
The Well-Fed Reef

Ask Jack
Livebearers Unlimited
The Planted Tank
Import Report
Top of the Food Chain
The Reefer
James W. Fatherree, MSc

From the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Freshwater Q&A
Saltwater Q&A
Aquatic Plant of the Month
Marine Invert of the Month
Fish of the Month
On the Cover
Product Spotlight
Meeting Place
Classified Ads
Index to Advertisers

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