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    Question new to planted aquarium

    hi all, im new to the whole planted aquarium idea and was wondering what you would suggest for me to grow. it would have to be a low/lower light plant if possible and it will be in a 55g with some community fish and ghost shrimp. any help is very appreciated. thanks!

    edit. i have 2 marineland natural daylight lights on it. not sure what the watt rating is
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    you can find out the wattage by looking on the bulbs. you may need to upgrade to keep even most low light plants if it is too low. some good lowlight plants are anubias, water sprite(floating), java fern(there are several different kinds), java moss, crypts. i have some najas guadalupensis that seems to be pretty impossible to kill. i have it growing in my 150g that only gets ambient room lighting and my 55g that only gets about 1/2 watt per gallon and it's still going. i had to take it out of my other tanks that had less than 2 wpg because it was taking over. even with the standard 15 watt bulbs that come in the little fixtures i have grown water lettuce, water sprite and duckweed in my 55 and the najas i just stick in bunches into the gravel.
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    I like amazon swords and the giant hygro.
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