Fluval 305 Canister Filter

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Simple design. Extra foam for added filtration. Three customizable baskets, with 6 compartments for different media. Comes stocked with good media. Easy to set up. You can change the flow rate. Double stop valve. Simple start siphon.

Polishing pads don't seem to work as good as i would have hoped.

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How long have you used the product?
For a little more than three months.

Build quality and value for your money.
Definately a good build quality. Alot of places seem to overprice these filters. For example, i first found out about it in a lfs, and they were asking $225 for the filter. So shop around online, because i got mine new for about $170.

Other comments
Great filter. It came with a very easy-to-follow step-by-step setu-up guide on a dvd.