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    Trying to identify this little guy!!!

    I recently bought this juvey tang from my lfs. The issue I have is I'm not quite sure what species he is. He was ordered as a mimic tang but he obviously isn't and I may have gotten a steal for $40 Cdn!!! I have him in qt in a 75 gallon but would like to know before adding him in a 125 gallon with a powder blue and a spot face. Here are a few I narrowed it down to:

    1. acanthurus nigricauda
    2. acanthurus leucocheilus
    3. acanthurus bariene
    4. acanthurus blochii

    I don't think a blochii is an option though due to the spot behind the eye. Unfortunatly this is the best pic I could get after nearly photos. Does anyone have any ideas? Please reply if so.
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    my best guess is acanthurus leucocheilus. I looked at a pic of them on google and they look most simlar..

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    Acanthurus Blochii for can just about see the horizontal stripes on the dorsal fin..
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    honestly i think it looks like a leucocheilus except the the dorcil fin looks too small

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