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    Bristlenose Pleco & Rubber-Lipped Pleco

    Aren't these plecos solitary? Or do they need one more of their kind? I have one of each in a 75 gallon aquarium.
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    Rubber-Lipped are fine by themselves- they tolerate others given enough territory and hiding spots- I have one in my tank- wish I had a male for her because she occasionally swells with eggs... be interesting to see if I could breed her.

    Some of them may have an issue with Plecos of other species- others are fine- from what I've read depends on personality- and probably the exact species because I believe there are several that all go by the same common name.
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    My rubber lips would sometimes fight for a log but generally got along. As far as bristlenose plecos, mine is pretty docile towards others. Sometimes kicks the little pleco out of the good spots.

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