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    how to enter potm and totm?

    I thought I entered on Sept 14 and emailed the pictures to . But I guess I didn't send it to the right place? This isn't a rant or a gripe seeing it can be entered next month... but what am I missing here that it wasn't entered?

    And maybe this can clear up the air for anyone else who are wanting to enter the contests and now have a walk through.

    I also followed this guideline:
    Entries are only accepted through electronic mail (e-mail). Unless otherwise noted, only the following e-mail address should be used:

    Please ensure your photo's consents to the above requirements and please do include your member name in the e-mail.

    You must include, "AC POTM + Member Name", in the e-mail subject or it will be deleted as spam/junk e-mail.

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