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    So I inherited a sw tank...

    Hi there!

    So a coworker brought in a 12 gallon eclipse sw tank to put up by the front desk. She was getting rid of it, and the owner of the company said he was wanting to get one for the office. I have a 10 gallon fw tank on my desk at work, so everyone figured I could just take care of it. So now it's my problem. Ha. Now I'm researching.

    Anyway, there's what I think are 2 yellowtail blue damsels and 1 starfish of some sort (I'm having a hard time id-ing the star. I'll post a pic soon).

    The more I read about damsels, the more worried I am. They sound like a major pain. They are still small (maybe 1.5") so I think they're youngish.

    Is this going to be a problem? Should I try to get one more to balance aggression?

    Other than that, i'm pretty excited to get into sw with an established tank. I just don't want this tank to turn into the mad max thunderdome.


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    Keep your eye on them. I have had great luck with multiple damsels in one tank. My 55 has 5 damsels and one yellow tang.

    If one of them ends up in the corner regular, well then you may want to relocate one.
    39 gallon with paired maroon clowns, 6 line wrass and lawnmower blenny. 55 gallon with 2 neon velvet damsel, domino damsel and yellow tail damsel.

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