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    Small Thread-Like Objects on my Decorations

    Hello everyone,

    About 6 months ago I joined the saltwater fishkeeping community with a 10g fish-only setup (I've had a freshwater setup for more than 12 years). The setup consists of 2 damsels and a watchman goby, a chunk of live rock, live sand, and two decorations. Water quality is right where it should be (I test monthly) and I perform water changes twice monthly.

    Over the last month or so I noticed that a large number of small, pale, squigly, thread-like objects ranging from 1/4"-1/2" long have appeared on the decorations (a plastic castle and a hard-rubber coral) and a few on the tank walls. At first I thought they were small worms, but I could not rub them off -- they are hard like barnacles. I don't recall seeing anything like these in other setups I've seen. Unfortunately I cannot get a good photo of them, but can anyone hazard a guess as to what they could be?

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