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Creating a Natural-Looking Iwagumi Nature Aquarium Layout
International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2009
First-Ever Photos of Diamond Tetras in Their Natural Habitat
Magnificent Bettas
Mike vs. Ted: The TFH Breeder’s Challenge
Getting Started in the Reef Aquarium Hobby
Retailer Spotlight: Kazimir’s Pet Shop in Hackensack, New Jersey


Ask Jack
“Socfish” is Free, but a Pillar of the Hobby Is Lost? (Cichlidophiles)
The Northern Platies...and a New Species? (Livebearers Unlimited)
Researching and Selecting Aquarium Plants (The Planted Tank)
A 15-Gallon Planted Shrimp Tank, Part 1 (Adventures in Aquascaping)
Bullhead and Channel Cats (Top of the Food Chain)
The Trouble with Sponges (The Reefer)