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    February 2010 Issue

    Check out our latest issue! Subscribers can view the full issue now on TFH Digital.
    Three select articles are also being featured at


    Composing a Nature Aquarium Layout with Stem Plants
    The Killer Instinct: Predatory Fish (and How to Keep Them)
    The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Two
    The Texas Cichlid Herichthys cyanoguttatus
    Book Excerpt: Catfishes
    The Achilles Tang Acanthurus achilles
    Nudibranchs: Exquiste...and Unkeepable
    The Czech Discus Championship


    Ask Jack: Q&A
    Cichlidophiles: Cichlid Speciation: How Does It Happen?
    Livebearers Unlimited: The Southern Swordtails
    The Planted Tank: Taking Care of New Aquarium Plants
    Import Report: Mark Denaro
    Adventures in Aquascaping: A 15-Gallon Planted Shrimp Tank, Part 2
    Top of the Food Chain: Delicate Drums
    The Reefer: The Stony Coral Caulastrea

    As always, there's much more inside. Tell us what you think of the latest issue!
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