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Growing Colorful Stem Plants in the Nature Aquarium
Wild-Type Guppies: There's Nothing Common About Them !
Brachys from Costa Rica
Aquarium Science: An Exciting New Micropoecilia
The Tiger Limia: Species Unknown?
Plant Filtration---No Water Changes!
Breeding Seahroses
Marbled or Tile Sea Stars
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part 4


Ask Jack: Q&A
Cichlidophiles: Answering the Call of the Wild (from Your Couch)
Livebearers Unlimited: The Aquarium Hobby's Noah: Ivan Dibble (1937--2009)
The Planted Tank: Something Different
Adventures in Aquascaping: A 15-Gallon Shrimp Tank, Part 4
Import Report: Mark Denaro
Top of the Food Chain: Feeding Predatory Fishes
The Reefer: Calcium and the Reef Aquarium