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    Humpback guppies

    So I have been looking up the different diseases that plague my guppies, and one thing I have never been able to solve is the Humpback Disease.
    Info that I have found is that it is a vitamin D deficiency. They need more light?
    Currently they sit in front of a window and have a T8 standard sun bulb.
    Only some of the fish get it.
    pH is at 8 or so, hard water, weekly water changes, all other test are normal or very low.
    Only other fish are kuhli loaches and glass shrimp. gravel substrate, back filter, live plants ( java moss, anubias nana, najas grass, crypt.

    Any suggestions?

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    Could it be a genetic thing. Guppies are pretty heavily inbred...

    that page you linked too sounded a bit, um, odd....the ability to manufacture Vitamin D from sunlight? That I am pretty sure is confined to land animals, particularly mammals. Not a biochemist so I can't say for sure. But if everything they listed would "kill guppies" I would think the species would be long extinct by now.

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    I've had guppies that's happened to usually after a large birth but that seemed to be the only thing though... they just looked messed up
    Quote Originally Posted by Reefscape View Post
    Completly agree, DD......and yes, that hurt me too say

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    I'm also inclined to believe it's genetic.
    20 gallon long planted
    My carnivorous plants

    Quote Originally Posted by Rbishop View Post
    I like the movie Goonies...pretty sure it was a historical documentary....

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    In my experience, it's genetic. Guppies came along that had spinal deformities, and the guppies they gave birth to in turn had the same deformities, whereas normally formed guppies gave birth to the same.
    Just get it OVERWITH already! What else do I have to do?

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