Name: Seachem Ammonia Alert

Category: Test kits
Company: Seachem
Price: $7.50

Star rating: 5 stars
Value: 5 stars

A must-have for newbies who kill more fish from ammonia poisoning each year than Starkist nets, this ammonia alert works 24/7 in freshwater or saltwater tanks. I personally tested it by putting a tiny amount of ammonia into a bucket of water. The card changed color right away, and changed back with a rinse (though it takes a bit longer to come back down). I find the color chart easier to read than the liquid test, and knowing within minutes if my fish are stressed is reassuring, since I can forget to test my water religiously.

It's about 1.5" x 2" with a suction cup, so those with nice show tanks might not like or need something in there all the time, but it can still take a reading and eliminate the test tube routine for a year or more. Get one. Save a fish.

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