moving my 85 gallon and its stuffed with plants. i am going to clear out the whole tank to make it easy to move. shipping is $7. i have heat packs if needed. pick up by long beach is welcomed.

amazon sword $2.50
Echinodorus Bleheri $2.50
glosso $1 small bunch
HC 7 for $25
5x4 ricca mat $5

bolbitis fern $10

Aponogeton undulatus $2.50

Nymphaea Rubra red $2

anubias going from the left to the right $15, $20, $5, $15, $8 and $10 for the anubias petite

$3 each for the top 3 anubias and $7 for the anubias petite

i have more anubias to come i just need to clear out some of these first so i can get to the other stuff. keep checking back.