Check out the June 2010 issue, with a special section celebrating the 2010 American Killifish Association Convention! Subscribers can read the full issue on TFH Digital, and three articles are available at


Mastering the Use of Heliophytic Aquatic Plants
Jewels of the Old World: The Aphyosemion georgiae Species Group
Rivulus: From Boring to Beautiful
Lampeye Killies Micropanchax normani
The Fish Habitats of a Peruvian Amazon River, Part 1
Light and Fish Behavior: Creating the Perfect Lighting System
Algae-Eating Fishes for the Marine Aquarium
Naples Aquarium: The Oldest Public Aquarium in the World
The TFH Breeder’s Challenge Part 6


Ask Jack: Q&A
Cichlidophiles: Acaras: They Don’t Get No Respect
Livebearers Unlimited: The Fancy Guppy Hobby: Current Conversations and Observations
The Planted Tank: Time and the Planted Aquarium
Adventures in Aquascaping: A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Aquarium, Part 2
Import Report: Fishes of Sichuan, Part 1
The Reefer: Corals of the Genus Seriatopora: The Bird’s Nests