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Thread: Tang issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by james123 View Post
    old man of the sea is a flat out, know it all jerk. all of his posts have this same know it all attitude, which is the rarity on this site. most people are helpful, not this guy.
    Really james123? You bump up a thread over a year old to post something negative about a person that is always willing to offer help, albiet in his own "oldmanofthesea" style. Yes, he comes off harsh, but if you are not a snowflake, you can get past that and see that he is really giving some great advice. Just got to get past the writing style he has because to some (snowflakes) it can come off as mean, but I assure you, he really isn't trying to be mean, just honest and helpful.

    +1 to OldManOfTheSea
    -1 to james123

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    This is a year old? **** it. Well, I will post anyway for posterity's sake.

    My guess is that there's two issues. First they have probably had crappy care before this new guy came along. Though old man rips on water quality it sounds like he's taking care of it now but the damage is likely done. If they are sick or stressed that won't go away quickly.

    Second is just the environment. It's got to be hard on the fish to be in small tanks with bright light and people staring in at all hours, though the tangs at my local petco seem fine. But this guy has little control over this, except maybe to place the tangs in more out of the way tanks.

    Maybe our petco friend can let us know how it all worked out?

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    Just got finnished dealing with the same problem..the hippo tang will change depending on the tank mates.If you put them with aggressive fish they will become it,you need to provide a passive tank and feed alge(brown)or I just started mine on IO Seaweed blend and getting great results.

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