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    Anemone health question

    ok, i dont know what kinda it is, got it as a gift, was doing great, came home from visiting parents (4 hrs) and the thing had its foot stuck in the filter inlet screen, and was all shriveled up, that was 2 days ago, its looking better but its still smaller looking that before the incedent.
    Any tips on how or what to do, to help my little guy get back to normal?

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    Leave it alone for now. Is it still stuck to the screen? If so, it should free itself eventually if it isn't too damaged. Otherwise, just observe and feed it small bits of meaty foods (mysid shrimp, shaved table shrimp, chopped silversides, etc.) if possible. Try to do that at least 2x per week, if it will accept it.

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    I hope its not still stuck. I will just monitor unless you can see tears on the tissues.

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    Do you have appropriate lighting for them? Anenomes are high-light creatures. If not enough, they will eventually shrivel and die.

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