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    I've been offered a mature Frontosa breeding colony.....

    I've been offered a mature Frontosa breeding colony.... There are 11 fish..... 1M/10F........ The fish are supposedly 4-5 years old and in good health. The fish are all between 9 and 13".... All (or most all) 10 of the female produce fry regularly. I feel that the price they are offered at is very reasonable...... I have 2 tanks available (empty) to choose from, a 6'/150g, and an 8'/300g....

    BUT............. You knew there had to be a "BUT" in there somewhere........

    The male is a Zaire, and the females are Burundi.......

    I have no experience with Frontosa, but I'm pretty sure that mixing collection points is frowned upon unless the intention is to sell the fry as "generic" Frontosa.

    I'm looking to hear from people familiar with Frontosa as to what I should do...

    Should I........

    A: Buy the group and keep them together and let them continue breeding as usual.

    B: Buy the group, sell/trade the Zaire for a Burundi.

    C: Buy the group and split the females in half, leaving half with the Zaire and the other half with a new Burundi male.

    D: Don't buy the group

    Please give me your input, even if you aren't a Frontosa afficianado. As a hobbyist, would you buy a fish labeled only as "Frontosa" ?

    Thanks in advance for your responses

    Thanks, Jim
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    B..not trying to be an elitist....just think it would be best for the hobby.

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    To the casual aquarist, I think mixing the two would cause no problem. However, I always like to see what people are selling their fronts for, and I immediately ignore the ad if I don't see a collection point, with the slight exception that they might be WC. So I would say B also.
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    I agree with the above two posters. Even if you do not sell the fry you are inadvertently limiting the gene pool for the rest of them in the trade.

    I likely wouldn't get a group either without knowing the exact variant.
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    I wouldnt buy the group.
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