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    Clown with Black Spots

    My big clown has black spots. I have four clowns in my system and the other three are not showing any signs of this. What is this? Someone told me that he thinks it might be from the clown trying to host zoas….but not sure. By the way, she acts normal otherwise…eating, swimming, etc.

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    That is the cause of the spots that I have read as well... clowns try and host in other things like zoas, palys, etc. I have seen some black spots on my clowns from time to time and it doesn't seem to affect them and the spots always seem to go away with a little time. I have never seen that many spots on my clowns as you have on yours though. Hopefully Amphiprion has a more "scientific" answer to the question since he is Mr. Clownfish.

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    No exact scientific answer, but zoanthids, Aiptasia, and some corals have this effect. It just causes little melanistic spots for some reason or another and that may relate to the specific type of nematocysts and/or mucus. As for an exact mechanism, I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately. Somewhat related to this are the color changes clownfish undergo when hosting certain anemones, suggesting a link to what I had mentioned.

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    My clown has a bunch of those too.. Maybe more.
    He lives with a long tentacled anemone, and has been happily sleeping on it like a pillow every night for weeks. He eats and acts normal, so I just leave it alone! No one else is getting the spots either, so it's not spreading..

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