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    rare fish stock list

    I have more small fish suitable for this community, I'll start updtaing soon!

    PLease check out the vendor page for details and pictures.

    Ultra monster fish

    elopicthys bambusa <--google this name, or youtube "fugupuff" to see video of it in a fish tank

    Rare Medium monster

    siniperca scherzeri <--rare korean perch, only 3rd time imported into the US, large predatory datnoid like fish max size 18"

    Small gems

    Rhinogobius zhoui <--newly described specie 2009! found only in a few small streams in southern China, one of the most colorful gobies, hardy and easy to keep! Great for small planted tanks. Can be bred in the aquarium, and stays small! First debut in the US and you'll probably never see more available in the US in the future

    Protomyzon pachychilus "panda loach" we have just a few more available, another peaceful nano fish! This fish will probably never be offered by anyone else in the US $100.00 each Easy to keep, will attack algae wafers, great for planted tank

    Macropodus sinensis true Chinese paradise fish, can live out door, full of colors, easy to breed. $25.00 each only a handful available

    Pseudogastromyzon fangi <--yellow finned hillstream loach. Named after the Late Fangfang Kullander icthyologist, wife of famed icthyologist Sven Kullander. $25.00 each

    Mugilogobius chulae <--marble panda goby 1" full size, shape of a bumbble bee goby I have one pair only $25.00 for both

    Larger gems

    tobotia elongata <-- we got a couple of 6" ones from the wild, $650.00 each

    Spinibarbus denticulatus 14" male/female $250.00 for the pair, healthy and colorful
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    email to is probably the best way to reach me!

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    pictured above is macropodus hongkongensis, which is a rare rediscovery of a rare anabantoid, and I've bred them already, they're also featured in this month's TFH magazine article by Michael Lo

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    how much for the Betta paradise

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