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    In the long run you will be well overstocked.
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    I think the biggest things for keeping fancy goldfish healthy are HUGE weekly water changes (75-80%) and a ton of filtration.

    With goldfish, I don't think anything less than a 75% weekly (if not more often) water change is advisable.

    For filtration, if you've got about a 30 gallon tank, two HOB's that can each handle 60g would be my advice and along the lines of what I have in place for our goldfish (in terms of filter rating compared to tank size).

    Good luck with your remaining goldies.
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    Thanks everyone for your advice and input with my situation. Mel, I took your advice and fixed the tank although I have only 1 remaining goldfish left with the teeny tiny algae eater. As of today the 2 are doing great thanks to some great advice! Thanks again everyone!

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