Was interested in getting a clown and noticed there wasn't anything specifically about different clowns. So I did some research and wish to share, though I got a bit lazy and just started naming only. Please let me know if there is anything to add/change.

General info about all clowns:
From what I can tell, all clownfishes are very hardy and requires little maintanence.
All of them seem to accept all kinds of frozen foods and flakes.

Allard Clownfish (aka: twobar anemonefish)

Description: Distinct two stripes down body. Consider a beginner fish. Reef and FO. 3~5". Has been successfully bred in captivity.

Name:Cinnamon Clownfish


Name:Common percula (false percula)


Name:Maroon Clownfish

Description: These can get large and territorial. Has been bred in captivity.

Name:Oman Anemonefish

Description: Has a forked tail. 6"

Name: Skunk clownfish

Description: Identified by the stripe down the back.

Name:saddleback clownfish

Description:has a noticable patch near the tail.

Name:Tomato clownfish

Description: single stripe near the face.

Name:True Percula

Description: Difference between false perc is in the fins and color (i think). True perc and false perc do not meet naturally in the wild.