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    Acquired my first betta~Senor Azul

    I recently acquired my first betta(half moon) that came with a 3 gallon eclipse. I got it for free from my sister. She got it for her 26 yo son that has Downs Syndrome. Due to his condition, he couldn't do water changes and feeding was hard for him due to his finger dexterity( lack of to be precise. The scratches on the acrylic are from him using the glass mag float on it. Otherwise tank works great and his betta that I had to rename Senor Azul since John Cena would not cut it for me is very happy,healthy and full of personality. I just added the driftwood and the plants were extra from planting my 20g long. Anyway, I would like to introduce Senor Azul to all of you here at AC.

    full tank shot
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Senor Azul himself
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry about that picture quality, what I have is all that I have for now.
    Thank you for looking and input/comments are always welcome
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    Nice & ruffly! I like the rich deep blue bettas... Had one very close to yours a few years back. Looking forward to some up close, clear pics if you can get 'em!
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    Wow, he's beautiful. He's probably very impressive when he flares
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    he looks like a delta. nice!
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