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Thread: Convict...

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    well said!! and i think every fish deserves a chance

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    i was looking threw my pics and realized i just passed the one year mark with this girl! she is a solid 3 inches now and mean as ever..she has beaten her male up a few times..who is admittedly a timid male for a con.

    here is a crappy shot of her..water stains and all ill try to get better soon . and her male who does not like to pose...
    I really need a better camera.

    ><((((>` . . ` . . . ><((((> . ` . ><((((> ` .

    Originally Posted by excuzzzeme
    People become lonely from building walls instead of bridges.

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    help save monster aquaria network! sign the petition please!
    have 30 tanks, onces set up now are four 20G one 20L one 10. but have tanks from 5 gallons up to four 55s

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