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    Shrimp compatibility

    Okay, so in my quest for inverts, I have fallen in love with sexy shrimp. They're small, awesome, and seem to be the perfect fit for my tank (15gal reef, 30gal sump/fuge, tons of rock blahblahblah)

    My only problem is, I would like to give peppermint shrimp a shot for a few small aiptasia - and if they go in they will probably become permanent members of my reef...

    The dilemma here is that due to size differences and the fact that many marine shrimp simply are not very friendly (especially with other shrimp) - I am hesitant to get pep's knowing that I want sexies.

    Can anyone vouch that pep's are docile enough to be kept with other shrimp, and specifically some tiny little sexy shrimp? I would ideally be housing 2 or 3 pep's tops - and 5 sexies.

    Input, suggestions (other than alternate aiptasia removal methods.. I've been through those), comments and criticisms welcome.

    And in case it may alter any advice - I have a scooter, a juvy mocha clown, cuc, and lots of coral for livestock...

    Thanks guys!

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    Peps may or may not eat the aiptasia. If there is food around==deffinately will not.

    I have not have any peps bother other shrimp, but have never had a sexy.
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    peps are terrible with other shrimps, id say dont risk it. unless you are willing to test your $$$. my peps devoured my skunk cleaners, aiptasia and other critters. too late for my other shrimps so i just kept the peps.

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    I kept a fire shrimp with 5 sexies in a 50G without issue. I'd suggest that and kalk over peps.
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    the sexy shrimp like Zooanthids

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