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    Indian Almond Leaves for sale! Grade A, best quality you'll find!

    I just got a shipment of Indian Almond Leaves in (catappa). These go fast, so snatch em up while you can!

    10 grade "A" LARGE leaves for 5 dollars SHIPPED.
    20 grade "A" LARGE leaves for 8 dollars SHIPPED.
    50 grade "A" LARGE leaves for 20 dollars SHIPPED.

    These will soften water and lower the pH, and provide an awesome home for microorganisms that our shrimp LOVE to eat. Baby shrimp instinctively graze on these leaves after a week or two of being in your tank. Put them in a dish on a sunlit windowsill for a few days to kickstart the microorganism growth!

    These are also great for inducing spawning behavior of bettas or creating blackwater conditions for tetras or other soft water fish.

    These also have almost MAGIC anti-fungal properties, great for keeping fungus from growing on fish eggs.

    Support a seller in the USA! These are _FRESH_ top quality indian almond leaves gathered THIS YEAR (about 30 days ago).

    You can't beat this deal! Don't order leaves from overseas and wait weeks to receive them when you can pay a TINY bit extra and get them in DAYS!!!

    Thanks for your support everyone,


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    I would like to purchase 20 Almond leaves if they are still available? Please advise on how to proceed with this transaction, I am a new member and I do not see my "reply" appearing under this thread. I can also be reached at athlet413@gmail

    Thank you!


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