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    inverteBites Green shrimp food! Check it out!

    Hey everyone, a lot of you already know about my shrimp food. Well, this is a thread for the people who DON'T know what it does to shrimp

    Not only is this food a very nutritious and healthy blend of vegetables, algaes, microorganisms and minerals... It's also DELICIOUS. Here are some pictures of how it makes shrimp act!

    You can buy it here at my store (click here)

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    Welcome to the forum as a vendor. Just sent my order in.

    Eheim Pro II 2028; Classic Series 2215, 2217, 2260, 2262; Pro 2229 Wet/Dry

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    What is the largest container you have? Anything larger than listed on teh website? My shrimp go nuts for this stuff!

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