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Thread: Filtration Help

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    Filtration Help

    I have a brackish tank for my mudskipper Elvis and soon co. (Periophthalmus barbarus).

    This is his tank at the moment and I still don't have a filter for him, I've been doing regular water changes but I'm worried about his welfare, even if he is considered tolerant of poor water conditions.

    I do have a filter, but it's massive and way too powerful, needing a much higher water level, plus it's on loan to my father.

    If anyone has any brand knowledge of a really small filter, as you can see my water level is very low to accommodate his love of land. That or a DIY way of making a filter, that would be great.

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    Oh fish sticks, I'm nauseous.

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    ZooMed 501. I have one on a 10 gallon turtle tank that is 1/2 full of water and it works great.. I love it. Get it online to say yourself some money.
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