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    Wow, yeah, I would definitely NOT do what this company is advertising. That sounds to me like you'd have to re-cycle your whole setup again afterward! No thanks!

    For the string algae, mine became really bad this summer when the weather warmed up and the pond started getting more sunlight. I use algaefix periodically. I also tossed in a bale of barley straw a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't get rid of it completely, but it seems to keep it under control to a certain extent.

    I've not vacuumed (how DO you spell that word? LOL!) the pond before. I probably need to.

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    Hey Emily. Did you ever find out what your striped fish were? I have least killies that are striped like that but they are pretty small fish.
    ""I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside."
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