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Thread: My Polys #2

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    My Polys #2

    Here are some pics of my Endlicheri. I also got 2 more and I was told that they were Endlicheri x Ansorgii and a Delhezi. Although my Delhezi is green instead of silver. So let me know your opinions please... Thank You
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    SWEET...bichirs definitely my was so hard to decide to do a community tank this time around instead of another bichir tank....I look at it this way...right now I only have a 75g tank...when I get out of school next year and back to work making decent money, there is a new much bigger tank in my future that will allow me to get some of the nice polys. So I guess I just gotta be patient.

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    Very nice fishies!

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    looking awesome

    they to me, look like dinousars, except they are alive
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    their colors can change a lot as they grow. Those are still really tiny. I never liked keeping them on gravel, as when they eat, its easy for them to inhale gravel as well which can cause impaction.

    They sure are cute when they are babies What are you going to keep them in when they get bigger?

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