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    I live in eastern washington, around the same latitude as Ohio, and we've never had them survive in our pond. My mom just bought some more this year and put them in though. We tend to have really frigid winters, it usually gets down to -3 for around a week every winter, though that one week is broken up over a month or two. Our pond never freezes though, we just disconnect the waterfall and let the pump keep going in the main pond and run a trough heater in it (for livestock and such).
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    Ok, so apperently I have ZERO common sense! Haha so when I read the post I assumed you were landscaping around a pond and wanted to know if true hyacinth (Hyacinthus sp.) would survive (and yes it will). Now looking back water hyacinth (Eichhornia sp.) is what you meant which makes a little more sence.... I have no clue about water hyacinth! I am sorry for any confusion, my mistake!

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    I've not had it survive California winters, and ours only get down into the 50s. Of course, the heavy cloud cover and the fact that the pond is really shaded in winter might have something to do with that, too...

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