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    I had an out break of what I thought was ich while I was away for a few days..Figured out that it was velvet and not ich.. Ended up wiping out all fish in my tank but I still have 1 blood shrimp, 3 peppermint shrimp and snails(turbos,conch's and nassarius) If I leave the tank empty for 8 weeks will that get rid of the velvet problem? Can I leave the inverts in the tank and consider it as empty or does eveything need to be out of the tank? Guess I am basically asking if ich/velvet can use the snails/shrimp as hosts instead of fish?

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    i don't think they have a two part life cycle that includes a snail as with some other "bugs"
    however it doesn't mean that the disease was in the water that contained the snails/shrimp when you bought them
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