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Thread: ick cure?

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    ick cure?

    ok, i think i'm getting ich ?ick? again in my display tank..i have used kick ich before but i wasn't happy with the results..because i did loose some i was just wondering what is the best method of treating ich in a saltwater tank? i know most people say useing salt..but what to do when the tank is already salt? and suggestions on what everybody else uses or does to help they're fish...and thank all who apply to this thread..

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    Copper salts.
    If there are no inverts.

    If you have inverts, even live rock, you will need to move the fish to a quarantine tank. Set it up with all the comforts the fish are use to, such as the existing tank water, and treat with one of the copper containing products for the length of time listed in the instructions. Copper can be removed using adsorption materials, from the water at the end of the quarantine period, but it would probably be easier and cheaper to discard the water.

    An advantage to quarantining all your fish - is the parasite will live out its life cycle and die in the display tank.

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